Best Options to fix Collapsed Bite / Worn Down Teeth

Feb 12, 2024
I am looking into getting cosmetic dentistry done, but after consulting with my Dentist I am at a crossroads of what to do.

Background on myself: I am a 26 year old healthy male. I used to grind my teeth in college severely which has led me to being here. I have lost what I would consider to be a healthy amount of enamel on my top and bottom teeth - enough for me to notice a fairly large difference in looking into old photos of my smile. This has also led to me having a minor collapsed bite. All in all, my teeth are straight and look okay, they've just been shaven down by grinding. I do wear a night guard, and have not done any additional damage to my teeth in a couple of years.

I consulted my Dentist this week at my semi-annual cleaning to discuss restorative/cosmetic options. My obvious concerns I mentioned were wanting to open up my smile to make it look fuller and not so collapsed, and possibly veneers/crowns to make my teeth fuller/longer as well.

After my appointment, my dentist emailed me some options. The option she encouraged me to do was "crown lengthening," which I am not very much on board with considering I don't see how this would open up my bite, only make my teeth appear longer. I am going to consult other dentists, but ultimately I want to look through every option before I make a permanent decision on my teeth. I have attached photos of my teeth as well as 3D images I got on them. Please feel free to offer any suggestions!


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Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
A collapsed bite can be very difficult to treat correctly. Sometimes it involves various specialities, including orthodontics and prosthodontics. My advice would be to maybe see if you can see a prosthodontist first. A lot of times opening up your bite is complicated and it does not involve crowns on your front teeth only. Most of the times, your molars need to be built up, with either fillings or crowns, to create space and thereafter the front teeth can be crowned, with an additional bite plate to wear afterwards at night.
A prosthodontist will do a thorough examination and inform you of the best way forward. Fair warning-there is still a chance that orthodontics might also be discussed.

Dec 6, 2017
Whatever you decide to do I would urge you to go for the most conservative approach. Anything you touch in this situation could create new problems and leave you in chronic pain. You are very wise to be cautious.

Mar 24, 2024
Yes, what you are looking for is cosmetic. Your Dr will first have to open your vertical by building up your molars first and once you get used to that your doctor can start working on your anterior teeth. The Doctor will then prep your anterior teeth for veneers giving you the length you desire


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