Back upper molar root canal sinus problem

May 15, 2017
Hi, one of my back upper molars is dead and has become infected, I had a root canal and during I could feel a pressure build up my nose. In an X-ray before you could see my sinus was close to root.After the first treatment I had a bad sinus headache and found blood in my Mucas, went to doctor and was on antibiotics n ibuprofen.

Went back to finish root canal and it's still infected, she said for me to decide to take out or fill and I'm unsure.

The pain in tooth has gone but I feel a throbbing pressure pain in my cheeck/sinus.

I don't know what's going on, are my sinus now ruined? Will there be a hole when the dentist removes the tooth?

I'm so scared.
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Dusan Cirkovic

Verified Dentist
May 10, 2017
It may be nothing serious, just reaction to RCT. But it is good for you to make small retroalveolar Rtg and post it in this discussion. Nevertheless keep up tracing situation with that tooth. The sinus may be infected just in case of large peri apical lesion around the tip of your root apex.
Hope this did good for you. All the best.

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