Average Cost of Veneers?

Jan 11, 2017
Hi! I recently went to a cosmetic dentist about veneers. About 4 of my upper front teeth have become chipped due to grinding. I became nervous because my father is a grinder and they recently told him he needs to have his whole mouth replaced due to his severe grinding and he now has nothing to wear down. They quoted him at about $15,000.

I have been going to the dentist/orthodontist my whole life and get teeth cleanings pretty regularly so this past October I was surprised when my dentist told me I was a grinder. I have never been told this and he said that it is most likely why my teeth have become chipped. (I had fallen off a bike a couple years ago and I thought that is why my teeth were chipped) He also mentioned I do not have grooves in the back because they are so worn down. I was very upset because if someone would have told me this earlier I would have taken the necessary steps to ensure this would not happen (such as purchase a dental guard). Since I am now aware of this I am trying not to grind, but there is only so much you can do to prevent grinding while sleeping.

Anyway, to get my upper 10 teeth done it would be about $17,400. They said it was $1,740 per tooth and is a one time fee. I am wondering if this is too high of price or not? I am also wondering why my quote is so much higher for less work (when compared to my father's quote). I would like to also add we went to different places. (I live in a different town) The place I went to is also very reputable and they only require a one time fee. If anything happens to your veneer they will fix it at no charge no matter what. If I paid upfront they also said they can lower the cost.

I am at loss of what to do because this is a very expensive procedure and I am not sure if I can afford it, however, I do not want to end up like my father. (I have now purchased a dental guard, but it is not one that came directly from the dentist either).


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