Almost certain TMD

Jan 21, 2020
What can be done?

There is no pain

When I open my mouth wide (I am able to open and close normally) i can hear a fizzing/bubbling sound when the mouth is kept open. Upon opening I can hear a squelch (crepitus?)
My jaw seems to follow a normal track when opening and closing
If I open my mouth I and push the joint with my finger I can hear a soft grinding sound
All the above is applicable to both sides of the jaw.
Sometimes there is clicking on both sides when closing my mouth (no pain whatsoever)

I drool if my mouth is opened.... especially when brushing teeth.
There has been two previous occasions where one side of my cheek has swollen and it is difficult to chew without pain... almost like the muscles have been overused.

I do find myself clenching my jaw a lot...that is my body's way of dealing with life stressors.

I am not registered with a UK dentist and cannot afford private dental care. There is a new dentist opening almost next door to me in six months...where I will register and see a dentist!

Thank you!
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Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
It does sound like possible TMJ issues. The best option would be to see a dentist as soon as possible. Otherwise try an over the counter occlusal guard that you can buy at a pharmacy, in order to try and help with the grinding


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