A Crown Story

Oct 14, 2013
Had a filling lost in a molar. Upper left furthest back. Dentist #1 repaired the tooth. Rebuilt it, if you will. Within about 8 months, the rebuilding job started crumbling. He rebuilt it again. Both times, I was almost certain that I probably needed a crown there.

I experienced lots of pain in his second rebuild job. For two or three days afterward, the area was sensitive. The pain finally went away, but things never felt really normal there.

Within about 3 months, I awoke one morning with lots of pain there. The kind of pain that comes with an abscess. Time to go to another dentist.

Dentist #2 recommended a crown, which was a good idea. She said there was a lot of decay that was deeper than normal, but that she got it all. Crown fit perfectly -- both the temp and the permanent.

I could eat normally. Everything was fine. It hadn't felt this good in a long time. About three days later, I started having what I would describe as fever in that area. Warm to the touch, but still had no pain and could eat normally. I took Tylenol twice a day for two days, and it finally all went away.

Yesterday morning, I woke up with the beginning of a sinus infection. Dosed up on the meds, drank a lot of hot coffee and tea, gargled, and knocked it out. But last night, I started getting a slight pulsing sensation in the area of that tooth. No pain. Not throbbing like an abscess. Just a pulse that comes and goes. Like I said, not painful.

I'm sure that because of the condition of the tooth and the work that Dentist #2 had to do that there was probably some trauma there in her getting things ready to receive the crown. I'm wondering if all of these little mild signs are just the tooth repositioning and reseating and if the sinus attack has something to do with this now? If it persists for several days -- pain or not -- I will go back and check with her.

Any ideas?

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