2 teeth being extracted tomorrow

Jul 21, 2017
Hi, I'm new to all this, and not really a thing I would do, but I really need some advice as I'm really scared ... I'm not 1 for going to the dentist as often as you should, any way I finally went, petrified, had to take my mum with me embarrassing as I'm 32 ...
Iv got to have 2 teeth extracted... as he could see how absolutely scared silly I was he requested Iv sedation.... well tomorrow the day will have finally come... ... I'm going to have have teeth removed via Iv sedation... I'm panicking and thinking all sorts, if it dnt work, if I will feel anything, and because the 2 teeth I'm having removed are halfs tooth and one has had infection in which Iv had mess for,I'm panicking that there going to be a nightmare to get out.
Anyone recently had this done to give me any sort of advice on how the producer will go or what it is like n and if its all going to be ok

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