Unexplained white spots

Nov 10, 2013
In 2006 I had a filling done. I was shot up with 5 times the numbing medication than normal to no avail. It was a horrid experience and my brother had a similar experience by the same dentist. The filling was far bigger than what it was supposed to be. I barely had a cavity there, but the dentist kept drilling. There is barely any "tooth" between the filling and the nerves. I was in pain for three months solid. I lost 30 pounds because it was so hard to eat; I lived off smoothies and soups. I get random bouts of irritation still, but nothing major. However, ever since that filling was done I've had this lesion around the tooth right behind the one that was worked on. It's been itchy lately. I've asked another dentist about it and he didn't know what it was; wrote it off as scar tissue. It's rough feeling, very much like a cats tongue. The gum is easy to pull away from the tooth where the lesion is. Very very strange. I do take decent care of my mouth and haven't missed a checkup in 10 years (2/yr).
I'm about to go to a much better dentist because I feel like the ones here are not telling me everything


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