Unerupted teeth

May 6, 2015
My 13 year old had his front top baby tooth removed a couple of years ago (I think he was around 11) as the second tooth had not erupted. Two years down the line and the tooth still hasn't appeared so I think he is going to have a chain attached and the tooth pulled down. It has moved a little but not much. However, at his most recent consultation, the dentist commented that he has the teeth of an 8 year old - lots of remaining baby teeth still in the back of his mouth (I'm not sure how many but a surprising amount, judging by the dentist's reaction). He was x-rayed and the second teeth are all there - they just don't seem to be pushing the baby teeth out. My question is - should I be worried? The front tooth is being dealt with, if all goes according to plan, it will be pulled into place. But what about the back teeth? Is it still within the "normal" range for second teeth to be coming through this slowly? He is a high achiever at school but quite small for his age - is growth related to tooth development? Thanks for any advice!

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