Time to be difficult...I need help!!

Dec 21, 2014
Hey guys,

I need some advice regarding my beyond-stubborn fiance that I've now convinced to consider dental work. Below I've detailed his situation, and preferrences—any advice you may be able to offer on the topic would be greatly appreciated. I'm not sure how reasonable some of his expectations are, but I thought it would be worth reaching out to the experts. I'm lucky I even got him to agree to get work done! Now I just need to find the right avenue to take.

He had braces when he was 16-18. He's now about 32. They didn't clean his teeth properly after they took the brackets off. He suspects that the glue may have been corrosive because it stripped his teeth of all of its enamel. Later on he started getting cavities in multiple teeth – starting about 6 years ago. The first one started in the top right side of his front teeth, and then the next one to be affected was the same tooth on the top left side. Recently they've spread to two more on the left side. The majority of the cavities appeared to be focused on his top front teeth as far as we can see, which makes it embarassing for him. I've convinced him to start considering dental work, but he's really stubborn so any information you can offer in regards to treatment options would be incredibly helpful.

He's read about the negative side effects of fluoride, and does't like this as a treatment method. If it's the absolute only option he would still do it, seeing as his cavities are bad now. But he would prefer an alternative treatment if there is one. Any evidence you may be able to provide regarding the effectiveness of fluoride in treating cavities, and pros and cons regarding its use would also be helpful, as well. He REALLY doesn't want to get his teeth pulled. But he absolutely will not have crowns either. He would rather have his teeth pulled and replaced then topped with artificial crowns.
Does anyone possibly have any idea what type of dental doctor he would need to see, and what possible options there might be for treating this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.



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