TERRIBLE odor and taste soon after bone graft

Sep 15, 2015
Putrid odor and bitter taste (sometimes chemical) started aboutn2days post op. Now 6 days and getting worse. People notice-it is smelling up a small room! Soggy yellow stuff under the stitches (was gray the first couple days), but had a membrane initially placed over the bone graft. Lower molar was extracted because there was decay and smell under crown (was root Canaled) and furcation. Pain is nagging and itchy, taking Tylenol every 4 hours. Stitches are not red. Is my bone graft infected? Still taking erythromycin 300mg every 6 hours and salt rinses.


Aug 15, 2014
It might be due to food impaction. I feel you need to give it time to heal. Don't panic. If you are not hypertensive you can use salt water to gargle your mouth which fecilitates healing. If you are already using a mouthwash it would not be necessary. And take the antibiotics as prescribed by the dentist. Avoid hard and hot stuff as much as possible from the treated side. Hope it helps..



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