Small carious cavity and clear OPG with constant pain

Aug 8, 2014
I understand if anyone makes any comments, they would be general advice and would not substitute a proper consultation. I would go to a clinic, but the city will be immobilized by the govt tomorrow. No gas or transport.

I have had a carious cavity in my second upper molar along the gum line for a long time. Went to the dentist and showed him an OPG which was clear and no pulp exposure. The dentist did hint that it may be pulpitis but symptoms are incomplete. No hot/cold sensitivity. No pain when dentist knocked metal probe hard on all molars. There is constant pain on and off sometimes in the lateral and central incisor. Although, clear visual and OPG appearance. Dentist said it could be referred pain. No pain while eating. Pain starts after I eat and subdues if I rinse mouth but comes back shortly.

I have mild gum swelling now and pain while lying down. Been taking Augmentin 625mg twice a day for 2 days. Little to no improvement. Have taken 550mg Naproxen Sodium at night and in the morning yesterday but still constant pain.

My question is, should I try an intramuscular dose of either amoxcillin or doxycyline? I'm getting diarrhea due to augmentin oral and developed nausea once some time ago when I took doxycycline pills. Which could be more effective, doxycyline or some other tetracycline or just amoxcillin.

Since I am not an expert at dentistry, please suggest something else. The dentist was confused as he saw nothing in the OPG and said "I don't know what tooth to work on - I don't want to grind or open just any tooth based on a guess" Another just suggested grinding the affected area, treating with calcium hydro oxide and temporary filling.

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