Teeth Small and Thin ?


Aug 15, 2017
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First upload are my teeth, I have always had an issue with them. I feel like it's hard for me to smile because my teeth are so little. I don't want to show so gums when I smile so i learned how to smile a certain way. My teeth seem to go either inward or just straight down. When I look at other people's teeth it's like they aim outward more than mine do. Also my teeth seem a little thinner at the bottom.


The second upload is teeth that I would kill to have ):

Is there anything I can do to achieve these teeth? I've taken up on teeth whitening, use my retainer every night like I'm supposed to, and wonder if I could cut/push gums up to show more teeth if that's even possible. About the outward teeth thing I don't have any idea. I don't really want veneers because that just seems a little scary to go and do suddenly.


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