Right canine painful root canal attempt

Sep 4, 2023

I am not sure what I went through is normal as I am not sure what to do and need your advice.

Short story: I have been having persistent tooth ache for a week or two before I could get the appointment for the root canal treatment last Thursday. The tooth was very sensitive to the cold and hot and sweetness. But before the appointment the pain almost disappeared. I have been taking 3 ibuprofens in the evening to help ease the pain and it helped – apparently reduced the inflammation. I need to point out at night the pain started from somewhere near my upper check bone and then spread all over the upper part of my right jaw. It was rather horrible at times so I took diclofenac a few times to calm it down.

They took the xray which showed no inflammation on tooth top. They gave me a hefty altracaine doze which numbed my upper lips and upper cheeks and somewhat numbed the tooth. They started opening the tooth and it was a little bit painful at that time. But then when she approached the nerve cavity the pai just went through the roof!!! I have not been treated like this in all of my life (42). I asked to maybe kill the nerve with some medicine or put the painkiller directly into the canal – which she tried and which hurt strongly as well. Sending waves of pain through the right of my head. Then they waited ad tried to open the canal and when she opened it up it started bleeding – she tried to stop the bleeding and then managed to put some medicine and close the tooth with the temporary filling. Now I need to visit them the coming Thursday. I hate to even think of this. I have high blood pressure and do not want to go through this excruciating procedure ,let alone wait till they drill through the canal, which is very long and huge with a thick nerve inside!!

She said the tooth was not responding to altracaine because there was the inflammation inside the tooth itself. Can this be? Have I run into a wall of the medical dental science here which cannot make it painless???? Can you now just kill the nerve before drilling it out???

Please help!

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