Re-crowning vs. Extraction

Feb 3, 2023

I had a layered zirconia crown placed on my first molar (bottom left). It was a recommendation to prevent fracture as I have a history of grinding. Prior to the crown prep the tooth had a moderate divot on the surface and a dull ache (reoccurring PDL sprain). Aside from that the tooth was healthy and fully intact - no previous fillings and/or damage. After the crown prep I still had a dull ache but the tooth also became sensitive to hot and cold and painful to chewing. One year after the crown prep I had a root canal due to the symptoms persisting. Following RCT the tooth still has sensation - including a dull ache as well as occasional sensitivity and chewing pain. My 3D scan did not show signs of fracture and the endodontist reports a successful RCT as he did not find anything wrong with his microscope. It’s been suggested that the tooth may have been over-reduced during crown prep and that the RCT exacerbated the situation. The endodontist and my new dentist have speculated that the tooth has structural damage and needs to be extracted. I’m struggling with this opinion as the purpose of crowning was to prevent fracture, extraction. Question: Can a tooth that has potentially been over-reduced and has ongoing symptoms after RCT be re-crowned or is extraction the only option?

For additional perspective, I’ve provided a 3D image of the tooth prior to RCT.

Thank you.


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Dec 26, 2023
I am in a similar situation...and after hearing from a friend that one of his mandibular molars received RCT and he broke two crowns: extraction!

One of my molars received RCT, which did absolutely nothing. It was extracted. This after a 5-month period of pain and $$$$ of useless treatment.

I have talked to a lot of people, most of them had experience with RCT...and it worked well in the fewest cases. RCT is temporary patchwork imho...a time bomb in the end.

Now I have a similar issue again and will not put up with all that crap again.

Another issue I have after extended experience with dental specialists in my environment recently: they are really greedy! Excessive profits with pain: goes completely against my grain.


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