Porcelain veneers and biting problems

Sep 4, 2022
I received porcelain veneers about 5 weeks ago, but right away my bite was uncomfortable, and the dentist tried to adjust it but she could never get it quite right. There is no major malocclusion, but the bite does not feel comfortable.

The central incisors and lower teeth hit each other with too much force, and when I clench my jaw I feel that the molars do not make contact fully unless I use some extra effort. I feel that my jaw muscles feel tired then.

Both the first dentist and the one I visited for a second opinion said that there is no major malocclusion, but they said their knowledge about bites is not that of a specialist, and they suggested that I see a specialist.

Now to my question: I noticed that when I eat some food that gets stuck in the molars, it will improve my bite a lot. The central incisors and lower teeth will not hit each other, and I do not have to bite down so deep for my molars to make contact.

Could the solution be to get a tiny bit of composite resin in the molars? I noticed that even something as tiny as a peppercorn stuck in the molars is enough to improve the bite. I would like to explain it well to the specialist in case this could be a good solution.

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