Why won’t dentists replace porcelains veneers with composite?

Jul 11, 2020
Long story was 18 Years old and quack dentist put 6 Porcelain veneers on my teeth when only had a small chip. Ruined my teeth and sent me spiral down road of humiliation and debt. Spent 15 years trying find someone who would do composites instead of porcelains veneers and couldn’t find anyone. Why isn’t this being done? Everyone is pushing porcelain and the labs make the veneers / over 90%.

Any dentist on here replacing porcelain veneers with composite? Answers I got were takes to long, porcelain are better, stronger,look nicer. I don’t care I wanted the composite and it’s like a foreign procedure. I had to have my friend dentist do a composite veneer for me on 1 tooth because my second round of veneers At age 28, I paid for 8 and only got 6 because they don’t line up. I let the dentist keep the money because he couldn’t send them back and I agreed To pay. I’m 34 Now and spent 30k on veneers, it’s insane these procedures should never be a first line option.

Currently I’m having trouble with my bite and considering removing 2 more porcelain veneers for composite due to porcelain underneath the tooth. They always said veneers lay in front of tooth and never tell you actually goes underneath the tooth as well. There should be a black box warning for porcelain veneers to be used last resort and caution and show what ur teeth will look like before, all grinded down to tooth.

A majority of these
Should be considered cases could be prevented but since its “cosmetic” then dentists has a free pass.

I attached pictures before and after of first procedure and don’t get how a licensed professional dentist opinion was to put 6 veneers on an 18 year old who went in to have small chip and gap fixed. huge thick veneers that look nothing like teeth. I went back to him 4-5 times and he eventually said please stop coming back, you’ll get used to them, it’s a long drive from your college. Said couldn’t do anything else.


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