Painful fillings

Aug 6, 2022
Hello world! First-time poster here.

I had three fillings done (3, 14, and 18) in one visit more than a week ago.

I didn't eat solid food the day of the procedure because the local anesthesia in the lower left quadrant was so strong that my left chin/lower lip/left ear remained numb for 5 hours after the numbing shots.

I had cereal as breakfast on Day 2. Ouch! I felt severe pain with each bite in 18. Furthermore, 18 and 14 both became sensitive, even when drinking water at room temperature. I called the dental office and was seen again by the dentist that afternoon. He said 18 seemed a bit tall so he ground it down a bit (his explanation was to reduce the pressure on 18, if I remember correctly), and said my nerves were probably agitated and I should give it two weeks for them to quiet down.

I have been having a hard time eating ever since. Eating only soft food, I still feel pain in 18 and now 14 too with most bites. The pain may not be as sharp, but it's still quite painful. What's more, the whole lower left quadrant would feel sore/inflamed after each meal that lasts hours.

I haven't had a chance to try 3 because one of my teeth in the lower right quadrant is missing and I don't use that side to chew.

I have had many fillings done before (actually, both 14 and 18 had old fillings before this procedure) and I have never experienced discomfort/pain afterwards. That makes me wonder what could have gone wrong this time.

Any insight on what may be causing the pain while chewing in those teeth with new fillings, and how should they be corrected? Thanks.


Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
Since you had fillings before, you may understand that any drilling on teeth can cause teeth to be sensitive. The deeper the cavity, the more drilling is needed which can make the teeth even more sensitive especially to cold. The best indicator will be if the sensitivity improves over time. If not, get seen for any problems or need for possible root canal.


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