Overbite/Removable braces issue!

May 14, 2021
Hello, I have a not severe overbite and I've was given removable braces 2 days ago to help with it. However it's completely changed my face shape and now I hate how my face looks so much that my self confidence has deteriorated so much and it's only day 2 of these braces. I'm really worried that this is how my face is going to permanently look when it's time to get rid of these braces. Are these braces going to permanently ruin my face shape? Prior to these braces I had a pretty round face that I was happy with but now my cheeks are much more square and my chin is absolutely massive.



Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
Removable braces does not move teeth as effectively as bonded brackets. With braces, you teeth are not intended to move too rapidly or bone and or root damage may occur. With 2 days of removable braces, there should not be much movement if any at all. I cannot explain your changed facial profile. Check with your dentist about your concerns.

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