Onlay/inlay/crown/filling after root canal

Apr 11, 2023
Hi, the good news is that prior to my previous post, the endodentist I saw yesterday thinks my 2nd mandibular molar isn't cracked below the gumline. He looked at xray for the black ligament thingy and did a ballbaring test. I asked about a crown and he said that the composite filling material was so good now that he didn't usually put crowns and had done 7,000. I said I grind my teeth so he then said an inlay? onlay? would be better than a crown. I appreciate that it is less ruinous to the tooth from a prep point of view. I explained that I will be using a mouth guard and only grind at night so my big questions is, what should I put on the tooth? I'm in the UK and would really welcome advice. Obviously it would be a large additional cost, but if it's necessary I'd have to have it.

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