New and Struggling

Feb 18, 2021
I am suffering severe pain in so many areas. I was diagnosed with TMJD three years ago then Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia two years ago. In that time I had an OPG and I recently asked my dentist about the results as nothing was communicated to me. It now appears I have elongated styloid process on the left. Which would explain my symptoms; which are as follows:

Pain in all of the following areas (Left sided only)

throat (near tonsillar fossa region)
Globus sensation
Ear ache
Eye socket/behind eye ache
tmj area
back of head near ear
back of neck
left nostril- sinus type symptoms

Yes I know it is a long list. This all started in May 2019 whereby I have since visited over 50 doctors and an oral surgeon; had ct scans, MRI, ultrasounds and xrays....and the OPG back in Aug 2019. I have been dismissed over and over and I am truly despairing as I have a very low quality of life with all of the constant pain and awful feelings I suffer from. I am now seeing a psychologist and a psychiatrist as I have developed severe health anxiety and depression. I constantly worry that it is something sinister and that every professional has missed it/ignored it as they think I am a middle aged menopausal hypochondriac. Yes I am middle aged and menopausal but I am by no means a hypochondriac. I despair as I feel nobody will ever diagnose me properly and I will have to 'live' like this for the rest of my days. Sorry for long depressing post but I truly hope I can get some help here. I myself am having another OPG tomorrow and hope that will show degeneration of the styloid process and tmj's as then I have an explanation. Then I can get a referral to a highly revered oral surgeon who will be able to help me. I have attached OPG from Aug 2019.

Thanks so much for reading.


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