Nerve Extraction Necessary?

Dec 21, 2013

Four or so months ago a young, new stand-in dentist gave me a filling. Afterwards there was no pain but food kept getting stuck in my teeth. I went back and this time saw the regular dentist. His reactions told me that the new dentist hadn't done a very good job. He messed about with it a bit but food kept getting stuck in. He told me he would re-do the filling. After this, no food got stuck in but there was a pain now. I went back and he drilled it a bit more (even though I thought the problem might be down to him having drilled it too far in the first place) but this hasn't worked - there is now a throbbing in general (nothing I can't handle). The dentist has given me some tablets to take for four days. He says if the pain hasn't gone away by then he will extract the nerve. That seems a bit drastic to me. Any advice, I'm fast running out of days?

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