Need three implants! Can only afford one. Which one?

Aug 12, 2014
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I have 3 missing molars-
#4 (upper right)
#31 (lower right)
#14 (upper left)

-which I've put off replacing because of the $$$. I've decided to get one implant for now.

But which one?
I'm thinking either the top or the bottom on the right side because that side is missing two, whereas the left side is only missing one. But which one? Top or bottom? Which usually lasts longer?

Or should I go with the single missing molar on the left, and have at least one "complete" side for chewing?
I just can't afford two, never mind three implants. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!



Aug 15, 2014
Best answers
First: Replace #14-you do 80% of your chewing with your first molars and it will get you the most benefit for your money.

Second: Replace #4-This is from an esthetic standpoint. Patients can often see second premolars when they smile, so this would be my second option.

Third-I WOULD NOT get and implant in #31 position. Second molars are rarely used and I don't recommend having them replaced with an implant. You may eventually lose #2 due to surpraeruption of your maxillary second molar, but that is not a big deal and you will never miss it.

Hope this helps!

Dr. Steve

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