Liptak Dental Services Not Backing Up Highly Sensitive Patient Information (HIPPA Violation!!!)

Mar 7, 2017
I am not sure where to begin but I have a great deal to say about how truly awful Liptak Dental Services is and how I sincerely caution dental providers in hiring this organization. I own a dental practice in the San Diego area and hired Liptak Dental Services to upgrade our server and backup our HIPPA required highly sensitive patient data. It is extremely important, not to mention required by Federal law, that healthcare providers backup patient data.

Immediately after signing a contract with Liptak Dental Services, I received the run around when it came to installing the equipment. It took ten follow up phone calls, speaking to numerous Liptak Dental Services’ employees (Who were extremely rude), and me threatening to cancel the contract and request a refund before someone returned my call with an installation date.

When the technician arrived onsite, I was immediately concerned with his knowledge and professional demeanor. I called Liptak Dental Services to request a new technician and was told by their technology manager Marshal that the technician was new but would “try his best” to install the equipment. Against my better judgment, I allowed the technician to continue which resulted in an unplanned network outage during business hours that lasted the entire afternoon and into the evening.

Over the course of the next twelve months our network crashed 18 times resulting in numerous hours of lost productivity and revenue. As a result, I hired another organization to come onsite to correct Liptak Dental Services horrible installation. It was then I learned that 12 month of our client data was never externally backed up and sole resided on our local server.

I immediately hired the organization to correct the backup issue and contacted Liptak Dental Services for a full refund. I was told that my organization would not receive a refund and to “deal with my issues because all sales were final.” I was also told, after spending over $17,000, that Liptak Dental Services decided to place a hold on my data backup and “forgot” to notify me because the company that they were a reseller for never processed the work order 12 months ago. I was horrified to learn that Liptak Dental Services is a reseller for another organization and does not own their own private network which they lead customers to believe.

Upon further investigation with my colleagues in the area, who also experienced the same issues with Liptak Dental Services, I confirmed that Liptak Dental Services is a reseller of data backup services and their backup software was white labeled for Liptak Dental Services to resell. I also learned that the server I purchased was an “open box” unit and I was charged full price for a new server.

Liptak Dental Services is scamming people to believe that they own a data center and that HIPPA required data is secured with them. In fact, Liptak Dental Services is lying to clients, breaking contracts, and storing highly sensitive patient data with a third party.

Liptak Dental Services is a dishonestly, highly unethical, untrustworthy company who takes advantage of customers.

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