LANAP Post-Op Question

May 11, 2023
LANAP Post-Op Question


I realize I may have just undone thousands of dollars worth of periodontal work and am freaking out.

About two weeks ago, I had my whole mouth LANAPed in one go. After which, I could have bet money that my periodontist aide, who gave me the post-op instructions, said to use the mouthwash only for two days after the procedure. So that was what I did, and I assumed that then meant, after those two days, I could begin brushing my teeth again. She gave me one sheet of paper with instructions on what a “soft diet” meant, and that was all the post-op advice I got. I had some antibiotics, no painkillers, and was sent on my way. Also, no direction as to how long said soft diet was to last. I did do this for at least ten days.

This is where I’m at fault. I didn’t look into any other rules until today, and now, two weeks later, I have realized I may have messed everything up and ruined the healing of my gums, and wasted the procedure entirely.

I’m in a complete state of panic, and I’m not seeing them for my follow-up till Monday.

I need some reassurance or advice on how to proceed. Please don’t be too harsh. Thank you!

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