Is this TMD?

Jan 21, 2020
Attached are few pictures...
Pic 1,2 and 2 were taken at the time in question
The rest were taken in the days since

I woke up last Sunday, went to eat Toast (quite chewy) and it really hurt my right side jaw/cheek when chewing on that side. My cheek was puffy and I could tell the muscles there were not relaxed. A hot shower later and a massage of the joint and the pain was gone but my cheek was which it remains, even if only slight.

When i pressed my fingers against the joint it felt sore in the days after...the muscular type of sore. It is no longer sore.
If i put a finger on the joint and push it I can feel the squelching sound, even if mouth is closed. This is on both sides.

I also notice that every time i open my mouth for 2 seconds, if the room is quiet, i can hear some popping/squelching/fizzing sounds on both sides around the jaw. There is no pain or any feeling of anything abnormal.

Clearly something isn't right!

A dentist appointment must follow...but no NHS dentists are available, and I cannot afford private treatment!!



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