International Dentist Seeks Career Guidance

Jun 1, 2015

I am an International Dentist from India, currently based in Chicago, IL. I am interested in pursuing higher education in Dentistry in the US, but I am thoroughly confused on which path to take. I have a few questions that I am seeking answers to. If anyone of you experts could kindly guide me in choosing the right direction, I would be deeply grateful

1. Is it true that without doing DDS, you can have license to practice in the states if international students do certificate or post graduation programs ..e.g. MS in Perio & MS in Endo? If yes, then what are the ways of improving your resume so that you stand out ?

2. Is DDS better or Post Graduation programs better? Which one is more cost effective?

3. What are the career opportunities after you do post grad programs?

4 . Are International students given license to practice with the post grad degree and without the DDS degree?

5. Mainly I would like to know what are the ways of improving your resume Apart from having research publication,good TOEFL score,many volunteer activities...

6.Any short cut method for international dentists to enter into residency programs..??

7. Can low GPA scorers like 3.1, expect a call from residency programs or DDS programs??

8. What needs to be highlighted in the resume for a fresh graduate to stand out for both Residency and DDS programs?

Thanks a lot in advance.

I am really lost and in desperate need of some expert guidance.


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