Ideas for irrigating cleaning gums

Feb 19, 2013

I need some feedback, but first about me, I was born without the "seeds" for a large amount of my adult teeth, though I do have a few adult teeth. In my late teens I had a large one piece of crown/bridgework anchored to my adult teeth. My entire upper mouth has this piece. I have used a waterpik since then, (the late 80's).

Recently my latest waterpik died, bought in 2006. I bought their best model waterpik to replace it recently, and it is only 50-60% as strong. Now I have a sour mouth, sore gums, sour stomach, and bad nausea. I have to keep my gums super clean or I have big problems. I live on social security disability, and have a small amount of money each month after bills and groceries. I realize I am going to have to spend some more money now to get something similar in strength and cleaning of my old classic waterpik.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I am looking at the Oxycare 3000 and Hydrofloss. And can I improve my current routine, I use waterpik (new weak version), and mouthwash, brush, floss. My health is very poor, and this new problem is making things very difficult, I will do anything to be comfortable.

Thanks in advance for any input!

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