Ideas for handling toothache pain till next apointment

Apr 15, 2018
Hey guys,

Recently I developed a swelling near the gum on an endodontically treated tooth that has a zirconium crown on it. My first guess was that there was a problem with the root canals of the tooth but following an X-ray the tooth looks perfectly well filled with no signs of shadows on the fillings etc, where the second recomended guess from my emergency dentist was that its possible to have a vertical root fracture (VFR). Unfortunatey that doesn’t show up on an xray and I would need to do a CT Scan to confirm the diagnosis. To handle the swelling on emergency basis I was prescribed with metronidazole antibiotic which did the job.

But now it seems I have developed a constant dull pain deep inside my tooth, almost I can feel it in my jaw that at sudden moments it sharpens and hits me hard in the head and then it goes back to being dull. The pain is constant and doesn’t go away although it doesnt worsen when I chew on that side. It’s also acompanied by swollen glands on that side of my neck.

My appointment to treat this is in 2 weeks where with my dentist we will do a CT scan to see what’s happening there, and plan an appropite treatment. But for now I have been taking ibuprofen to relief the pain but I wonder is there something else I can do? I am worried of taking iburpofen everyday for 2 weeks not to damage my kidneys or something. The amount i take is 200-400mg per day and seems to do the trick to calm all my pain.

If you have any other ideas and recomendatons I would be happy to hear them.
Dec 6, 2017
you could try an ibuprofen-codeine combination. As long as you don't go beyond the stated dose you should not damage anything. The only risk with codeine is dependence if you take it for more than a week. So you could try taking that only alternately or when you are in more pain. 200 to 400mg per day is well below the daily stated dose for ibuprofen.

If you think it may be fractured then keep pressure off the tooth by relaxing the jaw in the day and wearing a guard which is designed to have a space around it at night. Try to avoid chewing on it, by eating a soft diet.


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