Mar 31, 2016
ok i will tell you about me first i have autism level 2 autism i was diagnosed at age 24 but had autism my whole life i have , adhd, ocd, i have speech issues , i have a learning disability, i didn't start talking till i was age 5 i was sick as a kid i wasn't potty trained till age 4 i was in the hospital lots as a kid i had bad asthma, i was in a oxygen tent as a kid, i didn't learn too ride a bike till i was 6 i cant swim deep water fear and i had tubes in my ear i was strapped down lots as a kid at the dentist, as i got older dentists were a little more easy but i still got laughing gas or sedation ,in school it was hard i had real issues, i couldn't do anything like everyone else did my mom knew i had autism but they didn't want too help me i was in special ed all my school years i got both general ed and special ed as i got older , i was in speech class , i never liked hanging with other kids when i was little i liked being by myself always i dont like lots of people by me i hated hugs as a kid but im getting use too hugs now my room is my safe place i have a cool twin bed i have starwars stuff i have stuffed animals , i like legos still i love minecraft i like my bedroom its cool , i had lots of surgerys in my life too , i did have a few friends but never liked hanging out with them i do use a mattress cover on my bed i dont wet the bed but accdents could happen i have allergies too i love christmas and halloweeen i still belive in santa i am a strong christan im into video games, music, movies, i like disney i love going on boats i still use a life jacket i cant swim i like computers, i love horses i dont give up i dont like being made fun i dont like being stared at, im a person why do people judge me i will never make fun of anyone because i know how it feels it wasnt fun growing up autism and special needs are hard too live with i am actually almost deaf but can hear still but not good i wear classes i was bullied lots as a kid too im 24 now and i struggle everyday im still so immature i act like a kid alot i love cartoons , i love disney, i love being kind and friendly, i still hate dentists, i am opening my heart out my life isn't easy and im still going i never give up and my mom has helped me in every way she can i love her shes been my hero i may have autism but im still the same as you and still do what others do i like being me i hope you read this life is not easy i may go too a new dentist its good dentist that helps kids and adults with special needs and autism and they take medicaid and i think they offer laughing gas and sedation it took so long i go too my appointment on april 4 i told her thank you i am getting help for my autism and adhd now and im on meds now for my adhd the meds im on are strattera and the meds are helping too im going be ok but life is a puzzle piece by piece i am doing ok now i do what everyone else does i do my best in life im going do good in my life i am a country boy so im very respectful if you wanna be friends im a good friend too have i will be honest and open


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