Foliate Papillae or lateral lingual tonsil?

Apr 28, 2023
2nd week march 2023, sudden sharp pinchfelt around tonsil/throat while riding bike.

Continuous feeling after that of a tonsil stone, yet none.
Developed runny nose, then blocked nose, mild cough. Lasted 4-6 days but went away (after klaricid and dayquil/nyquil). Tonsil stone sensation and cold symptoms both went away.

During all this while searching for the tonsil stone, noticed the inflammed foliate Papillae on the right side of the tongue.

Went to dentists, eventually oral surgeon who did not find any ulceration. These are soft curtain like and move like flappers. Oral surgeon took dental Xray and found 4-5 infections at the roots of different teeth. Concluded this is an inflammation of the lymphoid tissue. Fast forward a month had extractions(all teeth marked in red are extracted) of 2 wisdom, 2 anterior and 1 upper tooth (except for wisdom all were already treated with root canals at different times in preceding years). Been a week now post extractions, I do feel that the more pronounced/angrier looking foliate Papillae have become more mellow and subtle yet still my anxiousness makes me look at them everyday.

There is no pain there, however prior to extractions the area on the top of the tongue (not side) used to feel like burning, but hasnt happening post the extractions. Post extractions i also have a more tendee TMJ and on and off pain around the ear but not as frequent.

I just want to get this off my head and not look at this every day.


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