Inflamed papillae, possible geographic tongue?

Dec 12, 2021
Hi there,

For a couple of months now I’ve noticed some problems with my tongue. It’s started off with red patches with white lining the patches, which I’ve summed up to be geographic tongue but now I’m not too sure.

I stopped smoking the devils lettuce which I used to mix with tobacco about 2 months ago and recently had an iron infusion hoping that the patches would go away. I’ve found that geographic tongue is meant to be migratory but on my tongue, it seems to just appear on the one side, heal, and just before it’s done healing more small patches appear on the same spot that grow into bigger patches. The whole process repeats itself.

In the past 2 weeks the side of my tongue has been a little bit sore, not painful but just uncomfortable especially if it accidentally graze it with teeth.

I’ve got an appointment with the dentist next year since that’s the only time they could get me in, so I’m just after some peace of mind. I’m hoping it’s not linked to any oral cancer, as I haven’t had any symptoms of it but my mind keeps telling me it possible that I do and it’s early stages.

Pictures to help,

Also, if you spot an orange tongue I’ve just eaten a mandarin


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