Feels like food stuck between teeth for 2 1/2 months but isn't plus more issues!

Aug 9, 2017
I had my teeth cleaned aggressively by a sub hygienist, with no problems previously. Afterwards, (possibly) a week or so later I started noticing a sensation of food being stuck between my teeth, especially my lower front teeth, most likely due to my tongue resting there. There was and has not been any food stuck between my teeth! However the sensation is really throughout my mouth and teeth. In the meantime my tongue and mouth cavity has been suffering sensitivities as well. It has basically been a 24/7 issue for the past 2 1/2 months. I have been back to the dentist twice plus a periodontist referral of his. They both said my teeth and gums look great and I have no problems there. The last time my dentist took a couple of x-rays to compare before the cleaning and a couple months after the cleaning but he did not note any differences.

I have chewed gum, sucked on regular and dry mouth lozenges, used Biotene, an oral rinse (Peridex) for a few days and Benzocaine for a few days. Nothing has solved the problems. I started a new daily medicine for headaches, I believe, after the symptoms started. I thought possibly it could have contributed to "dry mouth" and my issues. I recently discontinued the med and am now on a new med that doesn't have the potential side effect of dry mouth. My dentist is stumped and told me he hopes it is better by the next time I get my next cleaning in November. Any ideas on why the sensation of the food between teeth and now the sensitivities within my mouth cavity including my tongue and roof of mouth? I'm not sure what to do next except give time to be on my new med and hope it was all a reaction some how to my new med. Any more visits to a professional are going to be out of pocket now.

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