Jan 10, 2020
Hello I got a top denture about a year ago now. It's turned my overbite into a underbite and I am grinding like crazy! I used to do this as a child bad now it's just as bad again. I've lost over 1cm thickness in my top lip with like 8 extra top lip wrinkles cheeks lowered side of mouth has these new lines and my lips look very uneven, the denture has not covered the loss for the root of my teeth and has aged me like 20 year's! I can't believe this so called professional lets people wear a denture that and it is nothing like how their face used to be its very unprofessional as far as I'm concerned. Anyways I'm gathering realign is all you can do? The 4 front teeth aren't in a row like my old teeth used to be the 2nd lot receed back and I have a torus which has made this very ill fitting. Seriously feel like abusing this dentist for the way he has made look and mentally feel. My lips have just gone and I had a full set no fillers just naturally full all gone. Just Heartbroken and broke so im going to relign and add a .5cm rim on the top outer to push my lip back out also going to actually make my own denture from products on eBay instead of putting up with 2 different coloured gums and teeth!!! Being a artist and a hairdresser I think i can do better than what i have atm so why not try? Got nothing to lose except about $60 I'm good with that compared to staying like this forever or paying a dentist to fix it and make me pay more to be more upset! Seriously am very disappointed in so called professional dentists.

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