Considering abrasing my overly white crowns to promote staining

May 2, 2020
Hi all

I just spent four hours googling this topic – My dentist advised against choosing the whitest crowns but I foolishly went for it -six on top, six on bottom. They don't look real. I'm devastated. Half of the information I’ve read said porcelain crowns will never change color; yet in dozens of posts people are complaining their crowns have indeed become stained. Professionals respond that possibly the porcelain’s glaze had worn away due to abrasive toothpaste, dental cleaning, using baking soda as a toothpaste, etc making the crowns vulnerable to staining.

I DESIRE staining! I’m seriously considering starting a regular regimen of baking soda, or even using superfine sandpaper lightly on my teeth to remove the glaze and encourage staining. Is this foolish? What could be the downside? I can’t really afford to have all 12 crowns replaced so I don’t know what else to do. Since baking soda is often recommended to WHITEN teeth, I'd hate to have that happen and actually worsen my problem.

My other burning question is, are there any non-toxic products that can safely whiten the rest of my teeth? All my back teeth have darkened over the years and are noticeably darker than my front 12 crowns.

Thanks so much, I appreciate the help!



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