Composite bonding issues

Mar 25, 2021
I recently had composite veneers and had researched on Instagram on who I should go to, I had my top and bottom teeth done at £345 per tooth.
I previously had composite bonding which was quite basic but looked natural as it was not 'perfect' as such. However, I had my composite done without a trial, no mock-up or anything else, on the day it was all done at once. I went home and thought the my teeth were just 'ok' but then started to identify the changes I wanted, I revisted the dentist and had a few changes made but he was reluctant to reduce the composite further as he felt that it was thin enough but to be honest I want them as thin as possible to give a more natural look. I have returned twice now for different reasons (the dentist is a 1.5 hour train journey away) and I feel like a bit of a pain returning again to the dentist as it's a bit awkward turning up again and basically not being happy with the work but I really want my issues resolved.

I have been thinking about going to a local dentist and asking them to make the changes for me (reduce the top composite thickness) is this an easy procedure / should I do this or go back to the original dentist (even though I have been back a few times already!). What would you do in this situation?



Verified Dentist
Mar 18, 2018
It sounds as if the bonding was placed over your existing teeth without removal of any enamel? If so, then some increase in thickness is to be expected. If you thin back the composite, either the underlying colour will shine through, or the composite will chip off.
The only way to have your teeth as thin as originally would be to drill back the enamel and place thin ceramic veneers. However, you will have now irreversibly damaged your teeth, and the ceramic veneers will probably need replacing in the future. And I've seen some poorly made ceramic veneers too. At least the composite veneers are almost reversible without much damage.


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