A strange growth between the tooth and the cheek

Sep 8, 2023
I've noticed a strange growth between my cheek and tooth. I've had it for several months; initially, I thought it was a natural structure, but I've begun to feel it more and more. I don't have it on the other side of my jaw.

When I touch it with my finger, I don't feel any pain. However, I often perceive it as a bubble in my mouth, feeling it with my lips closed.

Unfortunately, I regularly feel discomfort in that area after eating something hard, like M&Ms, or foods that require strong chewing. After such an injury, the area can hurt for several days. The tooth in that area doesn't bother me, and I can bite down on it.

What could it be? Some time ago (about 16 months), I used a lot of mouthwashes and tooth applications from the pharmacy containing ethanol. I had toothaches back then, and it provided some temporary relief.

I'm afraid that because of this, I might now have a serious issue or gum cancer.


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