2 tooth extractions, tons of pain, please help

Sep 4, 2013
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Early today I went to a new dentist for the first time since I moved to PA from NJ. I have a really bad cavity, and was in a ton of pain. I ended up getting my TWO back molars extracted, and then after they were done I asked I realized the dentist hadn't given me anything for the pain. I asked one of the the nurses, and she said no, so then I tried to asked her if there was anything I could do at home, to help with the pain, (such as heat or cold, or what OTC would be best) and she cut me off and start barking "NO NO NO! just take what you would if you had a headache. NO NO NO!". I traveled about an hour and a half there, so when I got home and the Novocain wore off, I was in severe pain. I tried taking two aleve, no help what so ever. My Fiance called the dentist back (because i was literally hysterical with pain) but the nurse said the doctor left already, and that I would have to go to my primary (by this time it was 4PM, and there was no way I could get in) or go to the ER (which I'm not doing because I have a genuine fear of hospitals, and I dont feel like having to sob infront of everyone in a crowded ER).

I keep trying to nap it off but I keep waking up every 10 min. from the pain, and It's still bleeding like crazy, & I'm not sure if thats normal.

Is there anything that may help with the pain at home?

& is there anyway I can make a compliant against this office. The paper work I signed before the extractions indicated that I would receive meds. for the pain. & they even asked me for my pharmacy information before hand. They were incredibly misleading. & in no way, shape, or form would I have gotten BOTH teeth pulled side by side, if I knew I would have to sit here and suffer.


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