15 month olds first dental visit results left me confused and conflicted on what to do next?

Jul 20, 2023
My son, 15 months old, had his first dentist exam today and the dentist took about 5 minutes to examine my sons teeth and determined that he had a crossbite and stated that if his bottom lateral incisors hadn’t come in yet that they were probably missing and we would have to correct later down the road (around age 13). Is this uncommon for those teeth not to have come in yet at 15 months old? Should I get a second opinion or should we just wait it out to see? I’m not sure if it’s necessary to note but he currently has his top and bottom central incisors, his top lateral incisors, and all 4 of his first molars popped through this past month. The dentist did not do X-rays because of his age to confirm any missing adult teeth, is this common practice? What questions should I be asking his dentist?

Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Although taking an x-ray on a young child is usually not done, if there is a specific reason to warrant the x-ray, a peri-apical x-ray can be taken.
I would not agree with this initial consult. A lot can and will still change during your child's development. The bottom lateral incisors usually come out at around 10-16 months ( see attached photo ) and even then it can sometimes be a little delayed with a month or 3. Some children just develop a little slower. It is not to say there will be a massive issue. I would not worry in your case.
I would suggest seeing a different dentist for another opinion, and maybe take a small peri-apical x-ray of the lower incisor area,just to make sure that all teeth are present.


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