Pathology. Red and white patches on tongue

Dec 3, 2021
I have white tiny sharp growth on the tongue which I am seeing the dentist in May. Got appointment for 1st week of May only..I have this growth for few months now.

I noticed some red patches on my tongue which is on the side of the tongue on both sides. It's painful and burning. It's like thick red patches and I noticed this today only. It's on both sides.
I had some hot meal 2 days ago. I am not sure if it's because of that or something related to my tongue white thing.

I have to wait for my appointment and this is making me really nervous.

Any thoughts anyone if this is sinister.
Big patch of redness on the side of the tongue beyond the molar tooth. I couldn't open wider beyond this to see it. I have chronic jaw pain and limited opening. I couldn't see the patches clearly behind this.

It's very painful and sore.


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