Observation: How to minimize Toothache Intensity

Dec 26, 2023
Toothache intensity is exacerbated by heat: the hotter the worse.

I was wondering why my toothache was more intense in bed, and why it was more tolerable with another couple of pillows added. Obviously, the warmth is increasing the blood flow in the inflamed areas (e.g abscess and pulp) and forces them to expand...but since the surrounding bone material has no give, it hurts (more) through the added pressure. Keeping the head high (additional pillows!!) counters this effect somewhat. But this is well known.

I also experienced the increase in pain intensity outside the house: walking through the cold Canadian winter was beneficial, but stopping in a warm store (in my down jacket) had the same benefit as a warm bed: hurting more.

Advice: keep cool!

Blood pressure increase also results in higher blood circulation. Blood pressure underlies a daily cycle and is lowest in the evening. This explains why toothache is least intense in the evenings:

I therefore try to keep my blood pressure down/minimize blood flow by:

- drinking cold water
- relaxing
- eating some dark chocolate (may not work but is is nice thing to do)
- avoid coffee (black tea appears to be better)...I really feel the adverse effects of coffee
- use ice packs (though it hasn't done much for me)

What would probably work well but I simply can't force myself doing:

- taking a cold shower

Hey, and one day, one of these dental professionals will actually silence my pain forever ;)

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