Need to decide betwen extraction and root canal!

Apr 6, 2017
I have an abscessed tooth on the upper right side, the 5th tooth in from the front. One dentist tells me I should save the tooth and have a root canal. Another dentist tells me I should have it extracted and maybe later have an implant put in. And still a third dentist tells me that implants don't work over time.
So I am very confused about what to do. My teeth are in good shape otherwise except that the lower right tooth immediately below the one in question was removed several years ago.
All my other teeth are in good shape. I am 60.
Can anyone offer me advice about what to do? Should I have the root canal and save the tooth? There is a visible infection on the xray around the roots. I have pain and swelling and was on antibiotics a few weeks ago which helped a little. Now I do oil pulling twice a day with coconut oil which helps with the pain.
Thanks for your help.

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