Need Opinions!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 30, 2011
I had lower molar #19 root canaled about 5 years ago by an endodontist and over the weekend it gave me excruciating throbbing pain. I went to my dentist and the xray showed the root canal looked good but I have a knot from infection on my gum beside that molar. He sent me to endodontist who did some 3-d xray and said the root canal look perfect and that the only thing he knew to do was an apicoectomy. He said that if he got in there and tooth was fractured then it would need to be extracted. Why would the endodontist not want to try and redo the rootcanal first before and apico? He has put me on clindomycin and my dentist has readjusted the bite and it seems to be getting better. Do I still need an apico? How long can a tooth last that has had an apico? Please tell me anything....I am starting to panic over all this.

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