Fractured jaw makes noise

May 13, 2023
A few weeks ago I had one of my deep wisdom tooth removed. While removing that tooth my jaw got fractured. One part of the fractured bone was leaning to the upside; it was not in its natural position. 2 days later I underwent an operation to fix a titanium plate to keep the bones in place so as to help bone healing. Now my swelling is totally gone and I am able to chew slightly and can speak normally, even though I cannot stress my jaw even a bit more while speaking or eating. 2 days ago I heard my jaw making creaking sounds, these sounds came from the fractured part and it came every now and then. These creaking noises had happened once earlier too, just a few days after the operation; the dental surgeon said that its normal and that I should wait for that to heal.

Are those noises a cause for concern? What should I do?


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