Excessive calcium in saliva = tartar build-up?

Apr 17, 2023
from what I know tartar mainly consists of calcium... and I have read some articles on a web (science related), that high diary consumption (which is obviously high in calcium) does not cause tartar build-up. however I am not convinced.
I never used to have any tartar in my life.. quite a few years ago I started using protein powder supplements... and noticed a massive tartar build-up despite good oral hygiene (I rinse mouth everytime after consuming any foods or liquids, brush and floss daily). the tartar has been removed by a dentist, it just within a few month time I started I noticed tartar again... despite that I have started to brush my teeth 3 times a day... still rinse my mouth every time after consuming anything... and flossing on a daily basis. my mouth is left clean after each meal... it says poor oral hygiene leads to tartar build-up - but it is not my case, and it says eating sugary foods lead to tartar build-up.. but I do not consume sugar (which is main thing stimulating bacteria activities in mouth) for quite a while now.
the only reason for such a out of control tartar build-up I can think - is because of excessive calcium in saliva. I consume massive amounts of protein powder everyday. based on my calculations my calcium intake exceeds 2-3 times RDA.
has anybody any info to deny or support my theory?


Verified Dentist
Mar 18, 2018
Your body tightly regulates calcium levels through PTH, osteoclastic activity (in the bones), and kidney excretion. If there is a problem maintaining this balance, e.g. a tumour in parathyroid gland, allowing for hypercalcaemia, you will become very ill. Has nothing to do with calculus formation.
Most people find calculus control is easier when using an electric toothbrush to get behind the lower front teeth.


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