Distressed & Anxious - Permanent Biting Pain After White Filling

Jan 16, 2018
Hi everyone,

About 2 months ago I had an amalgam filling replaced with a white composite filling as it was slightly chipped.

The filling is in one of my top molars. The dentist said it is small and I had X-rays taken at the same time and everything looked good.

When the injection wore off I felt a sharp, momentary “zing” like pain when I bit down on food. I went back to the dentist and he checked my bite, said it looked fine and that the tooth was probably just settling.

The pain continued and I went back to the dentist - he replaced it with a sedative dressing and told me to come back in a month to have the white filling re-done.

I tried to leave the tooth alone and not “test” it too often. By the end of the month the pain had faded but was still there slightly.

My dentist redid the white filling and now I’m back to square one with the sharp pain on biting.

There is no sensitivity to hot or cold, the dentist didn’t see any cracks etc and told me to persevere as it is a small filling.

Any idea what this could be or anything I could do to help the pain to go away? I’m a worrier and it’s making me anxious.


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