Composite filling fell out twice

Jun 27, 2016
So I went in for a routine checkup. He did an xray. Said I had 3 cavities/decay along 3 adjacent teeth, all along the lower lateral gum line. Never had pain there before.
So it was very painful later into the drilling, and he did fine as far as I could tell, but the assistant I had issue with. From my understanding, the UV gun they use cures the composite filling. It runs for a set amount of time ~20 seconds after squeezing the trigger. She had applied it *once* aimed at the front teeth, and even pulled it out of my mouth before the cycle was complete. Not once per tooth, but less than once for all three.
My prior provider's assistant did it twice for each tooth, and she told me that she did that because she wanted to ensure they'd stay.
The filling in the back fell out late in the evening that day.
So I called them back, I said it fell out, and the scheduled me in two weeks. I went in, and they did a better job, still I didn't feel they got enough UV on the back tooth. Further they billed me $63 more out of pocket this time even though it was only one filling they'd failed on the first time?
It fell out again less than a month later. And i'd had sharp pains there for months afterwards, until a friend told be to swish pickle juice there every night (that got rid of the pain). I never went back, I felt they were taking advantage of me. I need to write an online review warning others away. But before that, I should speak with them.

My uncle said I should demand a refund for that last tooth, for both times. For the front two, the filling stayed, so they did their job there and they should be payed for that.
Is my understanding of all this correct?

Meanwhile I have this big crevice in that rearmost tooth... I feel like they made things worse for my tooth long term through the assistant's ineptitude.

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