Binge eating and my teeth

Jan 21, 2017
I don't know what to do...I'm generally healthy - I eat well and train hard in the gym and as far as running is concerned. I clean my teeth diligently twice a day (floss and brush, occasionally mouthwash).

However, every two weeks or so ill end up eating a load of food in bad amounts. These are often of the high-sugar, empty calorie variety - you might be familiar with them. Anyway, after this happens, my teeth feel very clicky and very weak. They click after I eat anything even remotely sugary. White stains will also appear (more).

I don't know what to do - the binges don't happen a lot as you can see and I'm brushing well...I'm scared in all honesty. My famoly said my teeth look good and I'm worried about nothing but the worry' still there, you know.

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