Accidentally Over-Whitened

May 16, 2022

I’m new to whitening. My dentist sent me home with custom trays and 35% carbamide gel by Opalescence. I was instructed to wear for 30 min each day and was recommended to do it at night (the website does say you can wear for an hour.) I accidentally fell asleep the first night for almost four hours with them in… They were really white and I had some immediate pain that went away pretty quickly, my gums were still really sore though. I took a break for a couple days then decided to start it again. I feel like such an idiot, I fell asleep again! I even set an alarm and overslept. It was only 2 hours this time. The next day my teeth didn’t seem as bright or opaque, there are less stains but it almost seems like they might be more translucent. My boyfriend has assured me they look fine but to me they don’t. (Below are a few after pics in different light, the before pic is the first pic with the dark front tooth)

I’m so worried I caused permanent damage. I’ve always had healthy teeth and no enamel issues. Could I have eroded the whiter part of enamel? Based on the strength of the gel and the time I exposed my teeth, is it likely I caused damage? I looked it up and the ph is supposed to be somewhere between 5.6-7 and it has fluoride in it. My gums still hurt but I don’t have any sensitivity to hot and cold. I called the office panicked and they didn’t seem worried I fell asleep with them in. They said that my teeth were just dried out and I could continue whitening. I honestly stopped because I don’t want to do any damage and am kind of irritated I was given such a strong whitening gel for my first time.

Is it likely I caused irreversible damage? What would you recommend I do at this point? So far I got a super soft bristle toothbrush, switched to pronamel toothpaste, chewing xylitol gum after meals, and am trying to limit carbonated seltzers. My gums still hurt though :(

And can I ever whiten again?


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