X-ray help on a tooth with crown and dental abscess

May 5, 2017
Please review this tooth history that is pointed in the two x-ray pictures by arrow. I did a root canal on it 6 years ago and it did not have any problem. Based on recommendations, I decided to place a crown on it 4 months ago to make it mechanically stronger.

Around one month ago, I had dental abscess around this tooth. It seems that the crown was a bit tall and a general dentist reduced its height slightly one months ago and gave me amoxicillin (I do not have x-ray picture from this tooth at this point because the general dentist took picture from another tooth).

After 6 weeks, the dental abscess gone but I feel numb around this tooth and slight inflation around it (hardly visible by dentists but I feel it). Several times, I feel that something has stuck between this tooth and the two teeth around it and I should floss ~10 times per day. This week, I went to a root canal specialist and please see the attached two pictures. There is no infection in the root and he recommended to only watch the tooth and in case of a dental abscess, please come to them.

I have questions: What is the black area close to the right side of the tooth with crown (pointed with an arrow)? Is it infection or a free space that might cause a tooth loosening? Can these issues suppressed if I ask to reduce the lateral dimensions of the crown to make slight spaces between the teeth to be e.g. similar to the other teeth with slight spaces at the bottom row?

I highly appreciate the helps. I went to several dentists and I got tired from booking appointments and taking lots of x-ray picture.


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