Would a root canal be the best solution?

Jan 9, 2015
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I had an indent in the tip of my tooth (upper right cuspid) that later needed to have a filling as it had turned into a cavity. In December 2012 I had a filling put in, and was told I would feel sensitivity for a week or two, but a month after incredibly painful sensitivity (I couldn't breathe in in cold rooms, it was that painful), I began my quest for a cure. After six months of being messed around by dentists, it was found that the filling had not been placed effectively and a nerve was exposed. I then had the filling replaced and for about a year it was fine.

Within the past few months I have felt the tooth becoming sensitive again, especially when pressure is applied to the tip of the tooth. In the six months that prolonged my pain, I was referred to one of the best doctors in Singapore (where I live) who had a microscope (the only one in the country) that could deal with this. It cost a lot as the dentist didn't use the microscope for months and I am disappointed that the treatment hasn't lasted very long.

I am not sure whether I should get a root canal on this tooth - is the treatment too risky? I am only 18 so I am not sure what would be the best solution. I just don't want to be in pain for so long again. I would appreciate any advice on root canals, thank you!


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